For a planned film about the Panama Papers scandal Steven Soderbergh has teamed as a producer with his “Contagion” author Scott Z. Burns. Whether the filmmaker also takes over the director’s post, is not yet clear.

Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, who wanted to make no more movie after his thriller “Side Effects” of 2013, prepares for a screen comeback: In the fall of 2016, the filming “Logan Lucky” (with Channing Tatum and Michael Shannon) should begin. However, the planned heist comedy might not be the only upcoming cinema project of the Oscar prizewinner: As “Deadline” reports Soderbergh plans to make a film about the Panama Papers data leak, which became public in April 2016th.

According to the trade publication Soderbergh is on board the project as a producer and also toying with it to take over the production. As template for the yet untitled Panama Papers film will serve the upcoming nonfiction “Secrecy World” by Pulitzer Prize-winner Jake Bernstein. Bernstein was one of the international team of journalists, which contributed to the publication of confidential documents of the Panamanian offshore service Mossack Fonseca early April 2016th. The adaptation of the book takes over Scott Z. Burns, who contributed already the screenplays for Soderbergh’s “The Informant!”, “Contagion” and “Side Effectes”.

The Panama Papers is the biggest leak of data in corporate and government history. Bernstein will show how this massive data leak overturned officers, has led to the opening of investigations and has forced governments to respond. It´s not jet clear what´s included in the Panama Papers, what the consequences of data leakage are and what it took to bring the revelations to light. Bernstein will deliver the unique, revealing and surprising story.