Tom Petty and Mudcrutch published their new video for “I Forgive It All,” last Thursday – a somber ballad about grace, poverty and aging. The video stars Anthony Hopkins and was filmed at several locations in Los Angeles (including Sunset Boulevard and Downtowns` Skid Row).

The video was co-directed by Samuel Bayer alongside Sean Penn. In an interview with the Rolling Stone magazine Penn explained how he was involved in the project and why “I forgive it all” resonates with him and what it’s like to direct the great Anthony Hopkins.

“They played me the record a couple weeks earlier and that one really stuck out to me,” Penn said after he listened to the new Mudcrutch LP. “[Tom] called me back and said, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this thing.'” The song made such an impression on Penn that he began to visualize a short film to accompany the song.

Penn and Bayer were shooting the video in a single day, using a minimal setup to keep intimacy. “It’s always a little tricky down there,” Penn said, “but we kept a very small footprint so we were not dragging a bunch of huge equipment around.”
Although the Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins is involved in film, and gives a strong, sovereign performance, Penn and Bayer took care to keep the music in the spotlight.

“The song made such an impression on me,” Penn says. “So much of it was going to be about what the actor was holding in his head. I didn’t want to even articulate the story so much. I had a little backstory for myself, but I just wanted to shoot this in the way that wouldn’t bury the song.”

After they had a concept in mind, Penn and Bayer showed their idea to Petty. “Tom was super Encouraging,” the actor says. “I went over with Sam and told him what I had in mind and he said, ‘Go for it.’ His song is so strong anyway and I just found it so moving. It’s just great songwriting. ”

As for directing Hopkins Penn (who got the Oscar twice for best acting) said: “He is just an artist for art’s sake and he just liked the idea of doing it and jumping in I just asked him and he said. yes. It’s that simple. ”


Reference: Rolling Stone Magazine